Winner Word Ministries (WWM)

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About Us

WINNER WORD MINISTRIES is a humanitarian non-profit organization based in the Republic of Liberia, West Africa. Our vision is to demonstrate the example of Jesus Christ by being a voice for, serving, and partnering with those in need, especially the orphans and the widows in Monrovia LIBERIA republic.

We seek to identify and address some of the social, economic, spiritual and educational needs of the deprived peoples in West African countries and we begin our work in Monrovia. Our desire is to improve the status of life of the very needy and invest in the potential of these individuals through community development initiatives.

The needs we hope to provide for most urgently are adequate food, safe drinking water, security, health and basic education.

OUR WORK Feeding Program Food security programs breath life into frail and struggling communities. Emergency food aid meets short-term needs of refugees, internally displaced persons, and disaster survivors. A much needed, on-going project is the distribution of food to the needy in the community.

Medicine and Health Care Primary health problems stifle the potential of many children and parents. HIV/AIDS, high birth and illiteracy rates, and lack of access to health care and potable water are all key issues for the community members. To combat this, we propose to establish community-based health services. The construction of a community health center is a long-term goal.

Education We know that education the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and providing people with opportunities for personal achievement. We seek to empower refugee children and give new beginnings for those who missed an opportunity to attend school—especially refugee girls and women. We hope to provide these community members with primary education for children, literacy, and numeric training for adults, teacher training, secondary education, and support for vocational education. The construction of an education center for academic school, vocational training center and an orphanage for orphan children are other long term goals.