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About Us

The League of Independent Voters (IndyVoter.org) is a new national 501(c)4 membership organization (project of Tides Tsunami Fund) formed to build a massive long-term national progressive constituency.

IndyVoter will be the first web portal to:

facilitate the creation of local online/offline progressive voter guides all over the country

create a national network of locally-driven, multi-issue, multi-constituency Progressive Voting Blocs. These will educate, inspire and mobilize millions of new voters to vote, organize, and fight for candidates and policies consistent with core progressive values: peace, freedom, equality, good jobs, and sustainable development.

Indyvoter’s Killer App (techie term for a highly effective new application of a technology) is to use a never-before-tried online/offline strategy to create community leverage around the act of voting so that we’re not just voting as disconnected individuals (“giving away our votes” to politicians with little mechanisms for accountability).

IndyVoter.org will

empower voters to swing local, state and national elections starting in November 2004

build a base for local progressive candidates to run and win

allow people to hold their local politicians accountable –similar to a union or a single- issue voting bloc such as the League of Conservation Voters

give people power, hope, and a shared community to win elections and advance a broad progressive agenda Already, this new strategy has demonstrated enormous appeal and is motivating a generation of young voters and non-voters alike to adopt a new identity: “Voter Organizer” – the marriage between voting and grassroots organizing.

IndyVoter occupies a magnetic new political space in communities, cultural networks, and college campuses: Young adults who are pissed off at the system, yet practical about fighting it, who aren’t happy about any of the candidates or political parties but want to build power for electoral change.