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About Us

True to its governing principle "Care beyond Barriers", ACT (a nonprofit stands to effect a positive difference to the lives of children who are abandoned and the aged who are forsaken as unwanted burdens of society. ACT aims to cut across man made barriers, to transcend the differences of gender, country, caste, creed and colour. It is our objective to reach out to as many people we can, to make whatever humane difference possible, to assist them to lead their lives with dignity and purpose.

Our organizations is working to help raise money for a poor village in India. The girls there, most of which are orphans, are hand-making greeting cards from teh flowers in Himalayan Mt, and using the money from the card sales (100% of the profit from which will go to them) so that they can help pay for their medical bills, food and basically become an economically, self-sustaining village.