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About Us

Purple Power, Inc. is a peer led, victim, survior agency to educate, support current victims of same sex, gender based crimes of Domestic Violence (DV) and Sexual Assualt (SA). Purple Power belives in the power of numbers.

We aim to accomplish as many other organizations are doing; keeping DV & SA out of the LGBT and transgender communities. Working together across the board we can accomplish this one main goal.

The deputy director, Joey Lozada founded this grass roots organization to stop the cycle of abuse in the LGBT and Transgender communites. As a survivor of child hood trauma of domestic violence and partner abuse, Mr. Lozada volunteers to no end to stop the types of domestic violence he encountered; financial control and emotional abuse.

Purple Power is set to maintain that DV is not about the physical part of the abuse. Mr. Lozada's main goal is to educate and teach lawyers, DA's, clerks and police that the emotional abuse is much greater than the physical. Emotional abuse has years of impact on the victim and survivor.

"Many of us end up with PTSD or General Anxiety Disorder from the emotional side of the abuse that the police and courts have yet to learn and recognize as abuse." said Lozada. "Abuse is not always defined by cuts, bruises or scars" he said. "It is also about the way we look at new relationships. We still sometimes think could our next new love, friend or partner abuse us emotionally or other ways that can not be seen?"

To address the public on his policy of abuse Lozada adds "Judges and the criminal justice system need to learn that the most harmful form of abuse is verbal, emotional and financial. We will work to no avail to teach and work with such agenices until these forms of abuse are recognized in order to obtain a protective order (209A) for the victim to start the end of the abuse."

Purple Power, Inc. is a social services agency. We are not a 501 3c. If you plan to donate to us it is NOT tax-deductible.

Mr. Lozada holds a certificate in DV Counseling from the YWCA, a certicate in using the Danger Assement calender and score sheet from the nursing department from John Hopkins University and a certificate in Victim Assistance from the Office for Victims of Crime.