Green Foundation Tanzania

About Us

The Green Foundation Trust is a grassroots organization dedicated to alleviating poverty and encouraging sustainable development in rural communities on the majestic slopes of Mount Meru, just a few kilometres east of Arusha, Tanzania.

As an integral part of the local community, we believe that it is through education and the well-informed hard working efforts of individuals, both local and from abroad, that we can work together to substantially improve the rural standard of living in this area.

By putting such ideas into action we have been, amongst other projects, striving to conserve the environment through tree planting; providing valuable work life skills to women’s groups; and continuing to assist local economies and to promote a wider understanding of the threats facing rural communities, through our award-winning cultural tourism programs.

Our volunteer programs have been assisting the Arusha region particularly in the Meru and the Maasai communities, in the following areas:

• business development programs for women • environmental conservation projects • teaching in nursery and primary schools • HIV and AIDS prevention and awareness programs • caring for children at orphan centres • providing labor to community development projects • assisting local communities in starting their own cultural tourism programs

We hope that you will join our cause as we work to alleviate poverty and encourage sustainable development in our local communities.

Asante sana. (Thank you.)