Belo orphans/vulnerable children development project.

About Us

Project/Organization Name: Belo orphans/vulnerable children development project(BOVCDP)

What it's about: The forgoing analysis best describes the objectives of Belo Orphans/Vulnerable children Development Project.(BOVCDP) Belo orphans/vulnerable children development is an infant common initiative group, C.I.G located in Belo sub division, North west province, Republic of Cameroon in west Africa. It has the following objectives -Rehabilitate the orphans in our grassroots community by providing them with basic education,job specificities and vocational training in professions like hair dressing,catering,weaving,metal works,carpentry,building construction,Arts and crafts,Architectural drawing etc. - Provide them with food and shelter,clothing,and other social amenities like health care. counseling, job orientation, moral advice, as a giant step towards fighting unemployment. - Being a non governmental and non profit making organization, Belo Orphans/vulnerable Children development project is a poverty alleviating and community development organization. We through our youth development clubs train youth in leadership skills, management, marketing, solepropietorship. We through our youth development clubs also carry on sporting activities such as football(soccer)handball,swimming,basketball,etc. Through our networking with other organizations in our locality, we offer research in opportunities in Amphibians and Reptiles, Agriculture,market gardening,and other local farming techniques etc. We also collaborate with local aids committees to give them adequate education on aids and its disastrous effects on the future of the nation

Recent updates about your project/organization: We now through our volunteer network need international volunteers from all over the world to volunteer in any of the interested areas available in our organization.this will help to increase the impact of the organizations objectives in the society.

Project Objectives: - To fight poverty through investment in the form of education in the youths who are the leaders. - To eliminate class distinction in our grassroots community by giving adequate assistance to orphans,street children,homeless who felt marginalised in the society. - To bring up this class in the society in the fear of the lord almighty irrespective or religion,race,tribe. - encourage gender equality through education of the female child which is against some of malpractices in the society.