Parents Without Rights

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About Us

We feel that Florida has failed us when it comes to protecting our rights with regard to our children. We believe it is in the best interests of our children and paramount to their well-being that both parents remain an important part of their lives following a divorce. As taxpayers and as voters, we feel that Florida has an obligation to protect the rights of both parents in every dispute. We believe that the minimum visitation specified by law is unacceptable. When parents do not agree to a level of visitation, Florida dictates a visitation amount equal to 15% of the child's time. No parent can develop a meaningful relationship with their child when visitation is limited to two hours on a Wednesday evening and every other weekend. We believe the best interests of the child are served when parents are treated as equals. This starts with equal time with the children. We believe that the child support guidelines as implemented are unfair for the vast majority of Florida's citizens it affects.