About Us

ABOUT TACOPE ORGANISATION Tanzania Community Based Option for Protection and Empowerment Organization (TACOPE) is a national non governmental organization found in 2004 with people from the grass root to establish the best social and economic environment in which the most vulnerable groups of society in Tanzania can be accommodated, TACOPE was registered in 11th July 2005 under Tanzania NGO Act No 24 of 2002, amongst of the aim of TACOPE is to promote global cooperation against poverty in Tanzania .The organization has experienced, competent and profession experts to work with children, youth, women, Local Government Authority and community for self help initiatives both technical and managerial skills so as to manage and implement programmes. In 2004 TACOPE started operating her development activities in Nyamagana and Ilemela districts. From 2006 to date, TACOPE has been undertaking different developmental project programmers such as. 1. Education project 2. Health care (home based care) project 3. Community empowerment programme 4. Abstinence Behaviour Change for Youth/ HIV/AIDS projects (Provision of peer education 5. Child support / sponsorship programme 6. Livelihood/ Microfinance project 7. Environmental protection TACOPE started her operation the year 2004 in Mwanza City, where introduced community empowerment programme to only two wards in Nyamagana district in Mwanza Region. Communities were empowered with different skills project planning, Monitoring, financial Management and Networking. Through these skills, community were able to identify, priorities and address their developmental project like classroom constructions, rainwater harvesting tanks, desk making , horticulture activities, child sponsorship for supporting children with exercise books and school uniform and create awareness to community on behaviour change for youth. It should be born in mind that all these projects were successfully accomplished. The local government and community members of Mahina, Kirumba, Mbugani, Mirongo and Pamba have been altogether playing their roles to ensure that all projects programmes initiated by TACOPE are really sustainable.

TACOPE VISION See Tanzanian community being out of poverty and misery. TACOPE is committed to creating a community of confident boys and girls who can enjoy their livelihood and are able to develop and protect themselves. In this community they are free from poverty, discrimination, abuse and exploitation and they can become responsible global citizens.

MISSION: To establish the best social and economic environment to the community. TACOPE operates throughout Tanzania to create a safe environment, so that all women, youth and children, regardless of nationality, religion, colour, gender or political views can claim their rights. Girls, boys and their direct environment will be enabled to act as responsible members of society, who enjoy their livelihood.

ORGANISATION GOAL To improve the social and economic status of the youth, women and their families thereby increasing the per capital income of house hold and reduce poverty. TACOPE CORE VALUES Core values, which guide and determine our actions, are: Justice, equality, trust, participation and commitment, as well as transparency and accountability.

ORGANISATION STRUCTURE TACOPE Tanzania is governed by the annual general Meeting and Board of Directors; in programme management, TACOPE has a strong and complimentary structure, which fields with an Executive chairman, Secretary General, Finance and Administration officer, Project manager, Human Resources manager, Project officers and other supportive staff. This structure aims at placing greater human resources closer to the communities with whom TACOPE works and strengthening program and project development through team management. Staff work together to solve problems and issues common to the project cycle/program.

What we do in TACOPE

ORPHANCE CARE:TACOPE organise and traines communities to support the forstering of orphans by providing educational facilities, uniforms to vulnerable children, vocational skills, scholaships for secondary schools and small scale business training to the families to generate income to help sustain the orphans.

EDUCATION AND HEALTH: TACOPE support existing educational effects with learning materials and building constructions, children without proper health care may receive medical suuport and necessities such as books,desks,exercise, uniform and food may receive them.

MICROFINANCE:TACOPE breaks the cycle of poverty by working milk registered and unregisred self help groups within the community to improve the lives of underprivilege children.Some of the product offered include; enterprenuership skills, revolving loan fund, saving mobilization and mentoringservices. These guarantee sustainablity and self reliance of the group entity.

WATER AGRICULTURE AND ENVIRONMENT: TACOPE helps provide small illigations and drip irrigation to farmers and communities they enabling food and cash crops to be grown,increasing harvest yield and feeding Tanzania population whose facing famine due to droughts or other calamities and creating awareness on food saving, environmental protection and tree planting.

AIDS PREVENTION: Parent stricken with HIV/AIDS arent the only victims of the disease, they leave thousands of children, youth orphanied to the same fate as they grow up. In Tanzania young children and youth are the least infected. It is recognised that in the future we are going to have an HIV/AIDS free given from adults, then we have to keep it away from this age group. TACOPE works towards HIV/AIDS prevention programme, it is designed to reach youth and children before they become sexually active (9- 25) and teach them decision making skills, to develop HIV/AIDS resistant behaviours. Long life use the pronged education effect of parents/ guardian, youth and students. The matra for long live to live a long life,living life.

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT:Given the opportunity and resouces, community members can discuss , evaluate and solve their own problems using holstic approach offen involving and focus areas with facilitation, tools and techniques solutions are effective and sustainable.Reach the children, youth and women encourage this approach and lends support when needed. Also in order community to identify priorities and implement their project, TACOPE assist community in forming groups.Members of groups is drawn from the community members who are then taken through a series of training. Training focus on on organisational structure, project identification/ prioritisation, proposal writing,fund raising,resources mobilization,implementation and reporting. When TACOPE phase out of a community the group remaining to carry on implementing development projects.

WHO HELP US Over the years, TACOPE has been identified as an organisation, which has the capacity to successfully implement and monitor funds from donor agencies. Below is a list of some of our development partiners: TACAIDS,ADRA Tanzania, Mr and Mrs Martine UK, CARITAS Mwanza, TANESA, Mwanza City Council, Miss Ann V. Gibuso UK, Community Members, Business Man, SAIDIA Tanzania, Lab Aid UK, School Aid UK and individual person.

GET INVOLVED “By working together we can make difference, we envite you to partiner or work with us“ Donate to financial support and material  Area where it is must needed  HIV/AIDS and Maralia prevention  Education and Health  Livelihood and Microfinance  Orphance care  Water Agriculture and Environmental protection  Community Development Please get involve to make a diffence for your fellow Tanzanian Community.

TELL A FRIENDS ABOUT TACOPE In supporting development initiatives TACOPE does not wish to adopt the stand alone approach.Collaboration with orther organisation, community members, individual donors, civil society orgnisations, government, volunteers and donor agencies leads to amore cost effective application of development assistance. TACOPE thus provide capacity building and support community to allow community and self help groups to successfully implement their projects. The goal of this cooperation is to work with and support comunity we selve where TACOPE does not present projects considered for funding are those which assist TACOPE in meeting its overall goal of having communities manage their development priorities.

CONTACT US For the further corespondence please contact The Executive Chairman P.O. Box 2472, Mwanza Tanzania Tel: + 255 732 980 328 Mob: + 255 719 309 790 Email: tacopetz@yahoo.co.uk