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About Us

Faceless International aims to defend the plight of exploited people worldwide who have gone faceless and unknown for far too long. We exist to raise awareness about social issues happening throughout the global community. We provide first hand experience and education through trips around the world and solution-based opportunities through regional resources. Faceless International was formed by Stephen Christian and Sarah Freeman in response to the impact that a trip to Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, had on their group’s participants. Faceless International is a 501(c)3 organization.

FACELESS IS CURRENTLY IN INDIA! Visit our website to read blogs, view pictures and watch video about our latest trip to INDIA. The team worked with children that were at risk or victims of human trafficking, village tribes, tsunami victims and local fisherman. www.facelessinternational.com/india

Upcoming Trips with Faceless:

LOS ANGELES March 9th-14th March 16th-21st March 23rd-28th March 30th-April 4th April 6th-11th Construction, feeding the homeless, playing with children that families' are impacted by AIDS and HIV,beach clean up, do laundry for low income neighborhood and human trafficking awareness.

UKRAINE May 22nd - June 1st We will be learning about Human Trafficking in Europe and how poverty is the leading cause. Also, we will work at an orphanage to develop relationships with the beautiful Ukrainian culture. This trip promises to be an amazing time! We are asking that you have graduated high school to accompany us on this trip.

GUATEMALA June 12th-20th June 19th-27th In Guatemala we will once again learn about the Fair Wage practices of the coffee industry, especially in the Guatemalan culture. This trip is being repeated because of the fantastic time we had this past June. Come experience what life is like in Central America! We are asking that you have graduated high school to accompany us on this trip

NEW YORK CITY July 13th - 18th July 20th - 25th July 27th - August 1st

CORNERSTONE ILLINOIS June 17th - June 29th Starting on June 17th, and leaving from Atlanta, GA, we will be raising awareness about Fair Wage and Human Trafficking by biking our way to the Cornerstone Music Festival! This promises to be an exciting time! We are working on all of the details still, but email Valarie at valarie@facelessinternational.com to get the latest details! We are so stoked about this!!!