The Fifth Season, Center for Loss, Grief and Transition (A program of the Cancer Society of Greenville County)

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111 Mills Avenue
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About Us

The Fifth Season, Center for Loss, Grief and Transition is South Carolina's only counseling center dedicated solely to for the purpose of providing support and counseling services to grieving children, families and individuals of all ages. The burden of carrying the devastation of loss often leads many people to live a life that is desolate and closed off from the rest of the world because they feel that there is no one else who could possibly understand their pain. The Fifth Season understands. Our therapists have over 35 years of experience working in hospice care and in providing support to those who are grieving. Additionally, our therapists have had their own losses from which they draw to provide a supportive presence to the hurting. We provide play therapy for children, support groups and individual therapy for all ages, and a Basic Skills program for widows/widowers that gives them the tools they need to master tasks for which they used to depend on their spouse. We believe that giving people a safe place and the support they need frees them to find a place of healing and acceptance in their lives, so they can make a healthy transition to their new state of normal after the death of a loved-one.