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The Tragedy of Rwanda

In 1994 ethnic conflict erupted in a violent genocide that resulted in the death of over one million people.

Rwanda’s Vision

In the aftermath of these horrific events Rwandans have endeavored to create a prosperous and unified state. Through its Vision 2020, the government desires to transform Rwanda into a middle-income country by the year 2020.

Despite a large population Rwanda lacks the trained professionals and skilled laborers necessary to be an active competitor in world markets. The economic progress of Rwanda depends on its ability to educate and train its workforce. Vision 2020 recognizes this need and has initiated an innovative plan for developing human resources. Through universal primary education, expansion of vocational and technical training and a focus on information and technology, Rwanda intends to transform its population into a highly skilled workforce; a workforce capable of assuring all Rwandans a promising economic future.

Rwanda Growth Initiative Rwanda Growth Initiative (RGI) seeks to assist the development of sustainable educational systems and to address the evolving needs of the country. RGI works in partnership with the Rwandan Ministry of Education and local community institutions to develop specific strategies for improvement in targeted areas.

Through active community engagement and research, Rwanda Growth Initiative has identified significant deficits in the education of Rwandan youth. Lacking sufficient resources, the Ministry of Education is unable to address these challenges alone. Providing intellectual and monetary enhancements to the educational system, Rwanda Growth Initiative is closing the gap between the country’s present capacity and the goals of Vision 2020.