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About Us

Darfur Rehabilitation Project (DRP) was founded by a group of Darfurians living in the U.S., and deeply concerned about the human rights tragedy occurring in their homeland in western Sudan. DRP is working to unify the voices of Darfurians everywhere and bring increased international attention to bear on the situation there. DRP will work to achieve conflict resolution and reconciliation among the ethnic groups in Darfur. DRP fosters the development of democratic institutions and respect for human rights.

DRP members travel the U.S. to inform the public and bear witness to the current genocide, rape and displacement of their families and compatriots. DRP seeks justice for victims of human rights abuses through its Darfur Victims’ Project. DRP board members are skilled in conflict resolution and have actively brokered, since 2004, Darfur-Darfur Dialogues that help to sow the seeds of peace and prepare for the long-term rehabilitation of the Darfur region.

Considered knowledgeable in the history of Sudan and as eyewitnesses to the current genocide, DRP is regarded as a credible resource by all parties working to bring peace to the region. DRP works towards the day when a peaceful and secure Darfur will bring prosperity to all of its inhabitants.

Education is of primary concern to DRP: DRP traveled to thirteen refugee camps with 24Hrs for Darfur, and others, and documented "Darfurian Voices"... Views on Issues of Peace, Justice and Reconciliation also delivered books, school supplies, along with clothes to several camps and is planning an on-the-ground school.

DRP is co-founder of NJ Coalition Responds to the Crisis in Darfur, which has created campaigns to send solar cookers and educational supplies to the Oure Cassoni refugee camp and a Teacher's Instructional Guide which has been widely distributed.

Darfur Rehabilitation Project is

  • An All-Volunteer Organization Seeking to Become Sustainable
  • An Associate of the United Nations Department of Public Information
  • A member of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court
  • Darfur Rehabilitation Project, Inc. is a not for profit 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in the State of New Jersey.