Families To The Rescue, Inc.

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About Us

We have two programs to help people :

Charity :

We collect donation items for families that need the assistance. These items are clothes, food ( when available) & household goods.

Research & Development :

As a licensed Hypnotherapist we help people with different issues that arise in a person's life.

The main research we're doing now is Alzheimer's / Dementia. Since it's a mental disease that develops very slowly the body's natural immune system doesn't respond like it does with other infections or illness. A pilot project was done & published in Alzheimer Care Today on 2007. This research project was done by a man I know Dr. Daniel Nightingale & Dr. Simon Duff. Using his research we are able to put things together to better understand how the illness effects people. Being able to know how the brain works allows us to better understand the disease.

We are in communication with doctors & other professionals to let them know that this illness can be controlled for a person to have a better quality of life.