Peace Pioneers Organization


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About Us

Peace Pioneers Organization was founded in October 2004 and is a group which is concentrated on Peace and Human rights issues in Iran and other countries.

Our mission includes:

1.Studying and survey on Peace issues.

2.Holding the seminars and workshops about peace and conflicts issues.

3.Joining the international cooperation for peace and human rights.

4.establishing the representative in other countries.

5.Fellowship and scholarship for qualified students(prospective program)

6.Friendly tours for excursion to Iran or other countries.



Dear friends The human being who lives in this world and this era understand necessity of coexistance and "counter Independent not only is a reality for supplying but also is a friendly and kindly relation.Now the wisemen are concentrated on "Policy of Love"which concepts Mehatema Gandi applied it many years ago. If you watch the human life during the years after second world war you can find the importance of concepts such as:Human Rights,Democrasy,Development and Peace for all the nations. In this regard,decreasing the conflict and increasing the governmental and Non governmental organizations and International efforts to eleminate the Terrorism are token of moving to the International Peace. We should try to srengthen our relationship and expanding the thought of Peace and non violence through out the present,many of the Peace Organizations in parallel with United Nations and other governmental Organizations have been establishing and "Peace Pioneers Organization" located in Iran"The origin of the first human rigthts decleration",is proud of Joining this movement and welcome your cooperation and assistance in process of peace making procedures with your friends in Iran. Undoubtedly,some people who understand the meaning of "LOVE" and "PEACE" can Join us and apply for membership to assist us for peaceful coexistance Through out the world.

Faraz Chamani