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Volunteering in Nablus city Volunteer Program

Volunteer with us in the city of Nablus! Who Can Participate and What Can You Do: Volunteers may have background knowledge in any field (relief work, education, painting, art, teaching children, drama, health care, visiting homes of prisoners and martyrs, journalism, popular education, youth development, media work, language teaching, computer training, volunteer management, translation, tourism, singing, dancing, or any other field). This Program is open to Americans, Australians, Canadians, Europeans and Participants from all over the world. This Program is also open to families, couples and individuals.

Qualities We Hope Volunteers Will Have:

  • Ability to develop programs
  • Ability to follow-up on projects
  • Strong desire to be part of children’s and women’s events
  • Flexibility in work and living situation
  • Ability to work full shifts
  • Strong enthusiasm and willingness to participate in daily aspects of life in Palestine

Durations of Program: 4 weeks, 3-6 months, 7-12 months, 1-2 years and over 2 years. Term: Throughout the year

Aims and Description:

The goal is to create communication and an exchange on the cultural and human level. We also want to show the Palestinian people that others from around the world are concerned about our situation and suffering under occupation.

Volunteers will be hosted with a family in the old city of Nablus. Emphasis will be placed on the hosts in the Old City in Nablus, but volunteers can also be hosted in the refugee camps. They can also move around the old city with more than family. We will arrange the living and working conditions of the volunteers so that they can maximize their experience by using their knowledge and competencies.

Basics and Money Talk:

While there is no application or program fee, volunteers will need to cover their cost of transportation to Palestine and Nablus, as well as their personal living expenses for their needs. Additionally, they should contribute a small amount to the daily needs of the host family, which would include food and any other small daily needs. In addition to contributing minimal financial support to the family during the difficult economic times, this will also enable volunteers to feel more like a part of the family, as he/she is sharing in their basic expenses. Along that line, volunteers can expect to join in food preparation and other family tasks—and will come away from the project with an increased vocabulary, new recipes, and a feeling of having really partaken in family life.

Visit Nablus Project does not take any money for personal expenses; all volunteer fees go to daily activities, lodging, and food, with a small remainder going to the running of the centre (rent, supplies).

The city of Nablus and its people welcome you and appreciate the humanitarian objective which you coming for!

You will leave having seen and lived the real atmosphere of Nablus, knowing the people of the city and their concern, needs, joys. You will be our ambassador, to convey the real picture to friends and family in your country.