Developmental Cognitive Neuroimaging Lab

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About Us

Our research is dedicated to understanding how the brain changes in structure and function both in normally developing child and adolescent populations, and in populations with neurodevelopmental disorders; and to determine how changes in the brain relate to changes in behavior and cognitive function, and if interventions (educational, behavioral, pharmacologic) can be used to alter deviant patterns of brain development are my ultimate goals. Our group has made many advancements in measuring change in brain structure in normal development and neurodevelopmental disorders, and we are currently most highly focused on determining how brain structure relates to brain activation and cognitive function throughout childhood and adolescence, and how it is impacted by environmental or intrinsic factors. Future work will focus more heavily on the autism spectrum disorders, and the clinical significance of observed patterns of change in cognitive function, brain structure and brain activation and how interventions in children with developmental disorders can impact the trajectory of brain change during development.