About Us

Monastero is a non-profit organisation, its nature is non-political and non-religious, our employment policies are carried out in respect of all international and European laws regarding gender, race, faith or sexual orientation.

We are an international organisation devoted to promoting international co-operation and security, creating and supervising projects and promoting sustainable development, intercultural communication, civil society and peace, with our team of experts and consultants. We are present in: Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belgium, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Uganda, RDC, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and Sudan.

We operate as consultants and brokers for enterprises and societies who wish to invest in the developing world, carrying out country assessment, providing translation and interpreters if needed, and under specific request of the donor we can also create a project and submit it to major international donors, provided that we have access to the exact budgetary figures, references and final income expected from such investment. Of course we will not support any company which will not comply with local and international labour and environment laws, therefore we ask to be provided with evidence that such investments will actually aid local development and respect the local cultures.

We offer NGOs a unique service of brokering, seeking partnerships with fellow organisations from the developing world to implement joint programmes and exchange, we can also manage meetings, training and consultancy should it be requested by either party.

Should governments or governmental bodies need project evaluations, regional or country reports our research team is highly specialised in most areas of the world either from academic studies, personal experience or from direct contacts in the area of interest.

We are seeking for a partnership with fellow European organisation to establish a democracy and media monitoring centre for the European Union and its adjacent countries.

Out team of experts and consultants are all young professionals who combine their faith in making a difference for the better in this world together with their academic qualifications and skills achieved working on the field.

We can count on a team of 52 members in Italy only, yet "Il Monastero" can count on branches, consultants and fellow organisations throughout the European Union, Eastern Europe, former USSR, North America and Africa and currently seeking partners in Asia, Latin America and Oceania.