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About Us

The TARAQEE PASSAND ORGANIZATION (TPO) is an independent, National Voluntary, Non-Governmental, Non-profit making, Non political development organization based at Multan, PAKISTAN. With the desire for change a group of well meaning young social activists got together to form the TARAQEE PASSAND ORGANIZATION (TPO). TPO is a Civil Society Interest Organization & believes in equal rights to life, development and dignity. TPO, carrying out its work in accordance with the principles of the Civil Code of PAKISTAN. The organization, has been working for social change with uplift of the poor, neglected and marginalized communities by advocating their civic amenities, TARAQEE PASSAND ORGANIZATION (TPO) is a community volunteer organization dedicated for providing help and support to Women and Children. The volunteer include people from various aspects of life who are Doctors, Lawyers, Local Elected Bodies, Bankers, Professors, Working Women, Engineers, Technical, Professional and other qualified staff and continuing its work in the form of research, publications and creating public awareness. Women in Pakistan experience a wide range of abuse ranging from mental torture, to domestic battering, rape and incest, social taboos and lack of support make it extremely difficult for a women to receive help and support especially when she is a victim of abuse. Women are deprived of basic facilities and facing a lot of problems in male dominated society. Women of the rural areas get less rights and facilities than women of the urban areas.

More than 30% of the population lives below the absolute poverty level and 12% are earning less than one to two Dollars per day. The Southern Punjab is a very backward and neglected part of Pakistan, 80% Population lives in rural areas & 20% population live in urban areas. Each family consists of 8 to 12 persons. We intervened the poor communities with the program of basic Education, Women’s development through skill center, Health Awareness, Environment. TARAQEE PASSAND Organization’s mission is to help community for capacity building to achieve Sustainable Human Development. TPO believes in sustainable development on participatory approach. TPO is working with individual mandates that include HEALTH, EDUCATION, SOCIAL HARMONY, ENVIRONMENT, WOMEN IN DEVELOPMENT, HUMAN RIGHTS, Minorities Rights. Awareness Training at the grass root level, Gender and Gender Violence, Public Debates, Child labor and the promotion of private enterprises. TPO is also providing consultation to other local CBOS/VCDS and Grass Root Organizations, We are struggling for positive changes in our target areas. The members of our organization have already attended various Training Workshops on different Topics/Issues like on, motivation, leadership, project design, formulation & implementation, development organization, self employment and rural industrialization, transformation of society, financial management, role of NGOs in development, interactive theatre, HIV/Aids, participatory development, gender balance ,need assessment & problems analysis Etc. OUR GOALS:

• To build up informational data bank of Regional and Local NGOs functioning in the Southern Punjab. • To attract NGOs to the develop projects by means of different interactive methods and forms. • Prevention and elimination of violence against women & children. • Propaganda of a healthy way of life, harmony of different communities. • The rights of the Child, • The rights of Women - legal and sociological aspects, • Comparative analysis of laws on citizenship in the local level. • Migration and freedom of movement • To build popular opinion about NGOs together with mass media (publications of articles, broadcast on local radio and TV & other communications. • To hold meetings and round table conferences for NGOs with the purpose of establishing connections and partnership. • To develop women's leadership skills; & to improve women's legal literacy, to enforce and protect women's rights; • Education of women on their rights for public health services; & to increase public awareness of women's rights; • To mobilize resources to support income generating projects for women; • To encourage and support women's small businesses and self-help activities; • To facilitate the exchange of information and experience among women; • To serve as a liaison between international, regional and national women's organizations. • To distribute information about the role of the third sector in society (newspaper articles, books). • To educate activists from Mohalla (neighborhoods) Committees on involving citizens in the decision making process. • To achieve that each man feels responsible to society for his/her health; • To design programs of seminars for volunteers on the following topics: o Prevention and elimination of violence against women & children. o Publication of newsletters informing each citizen of the policy of government on protection of motherhood and childhood; o Regular publication of brochures and booklets on legal issues to increase legal literacy of the population. • Organize and conduct training workshops in capacity building for young people. • Provide life skills training to help young people survive under the conditions of market economy • Improve moral values of youth. • Assist governmental agencies of the Republic of Pakistan in implementing national programs on social protection of youth • Advocate for the interests of young people in Pakistan. For realization of those objectives the TARAQEE PASSAND ORGANIZATION is looking for cooperation with similar organizations of other countries of the world. PRINCIPLE FUNCTIONS OF THE ORGANIATION ARE TO: • Organize and conduct Counterpart Consortium seminars. • Provide e-mail services • Give consultations for NGOs. • Provide information about NGOs TARAQEE PASSAND ORGANIZATION provides training and professional orientation in specialties such as: • Management • Marketing • Clothing making • Cooking and pastry • Skill Education. The Organization Was Established With The Aim To: • Study gender and children issues • Increase the level of political education • Develop high status and image of the business woman • Prepare the woman to political and parliamentary work regardless of her employment activities and professional belonging. o Gender relations at the level of self-governing bodies, Role of the woman in today's mohalla. o Women Rights - Human Rights OUR ACHIEVEMENTS: The Institute successfully completed a sociological research on Level of Women Education and Employment. A Women Skill Center established and successfully completed and so many poor and neglected families and girls are getting the skill training and education from the TPO center. A Computer center is also established; there mostly the poor students and girls are getting the computer education from the TPO center. Together with the communities and Health Development Network (part of local government) and UNAP (United Nation Association Of Pakistan) TARAQEE PASSAND ORGANIZATION published a number of Leaflets on health issues, first ever issued in Urdu language that became an easy-to-understand to communities. The educational program, which includes series of seminars in Southern Punjab region of the Republic of Pakistan, has been recently designed taking into account the mentality of the population, age categories and level of education. The organization designed a manual for the young married couples about their health and safety. TARAQEE PASSAND ORGANIZATION, together with Women Groups and Local NGOs/CBOs/VCDs of the Republic of Pakistan and UN Bureau "Gender and Development", “Role of NGOs in Development “ and Legal Rights of Peoples “the Conferences were organized, with participation of UN Agencies, leaders of NGOs, mass media people, leaders of public health service, Students, Working Women Groups, Federation of trade unions and with Communities. A 2-day training-seminar for the TARAQEE PASSAND ORGANIZATION, members and staff was carried out. The training was conducted with participation of target area communities. Organization received information on structure of Organization and methodology literature etc.


TPO is a member of All Pakistan Youth Federation. Our young people are caught in a web of despair because they are unable to find work. Their expectations of a bright future are frustrated because they do not have the necessary skills and experience to access the few jobs that are available.

SENIOR CITIZENS IGNORED Many older people with valuable life experience and skills are marginalised once they reach retirement age as we are living in a world, which prizes youth, and tends to disregard the wisdom, skills and experience of senior people.

PEOPLE IN NEED OF HELP, LOVE AND CARE The scenario for the social harmony currently shows a huge list of killings in the name of religion, neglected communities in the name of resourceful and starving, which definitely shows the dual policies of our society. Printed indelibly on this mosaic of socio-economic woes are many thousands of suffering children, battered women, lonely and abused older folk, people with special needs, people living in dire poverty, thousands of people ostracised because they are living with poor atmosphere or other chronic illnesses, and an environment that is degraded. Our response as fellow-citizens can be to ignore these problems, or we can become part of the solution by offering our time in loving service and care to help relieve the plight of those who are in need all around us. This is what is known as voluntarism! We need to develop a stronger Culture of Volunteering in Pakistan.

While much money is needed to drive poverty alleviation and development programmes, the role of ordinary men and women cannot be overlooked. Pakistan needs to develop active citizenship through People Caring for People Programmes. Citizens have the right to be involved in their own development and be more than mere consumers of the earth's resources. Volunteering offers the opportunity to exercise active citizenship at a time when the enormity of our social problems could be overwhelming. Volunteering builds civil society and strengthens democracy. The TPO encourages spontaneous individual volunteer effort as an impetus for getting volunteers committed to volunteering in organisations in a structured way so that their efforts contribute to the overall developmental aims of TARAQEE PASSAND ORGANIZATION and our nation OUR MISSION Our mission is to strengthen the community and make a better tomorrow, we believe in hard work and dominant will to give our Vision a Reality.

 Educate Women on basic human rights issue.  Facilitate Education.  Facilitate and Assist people at the village level for formulating and implementing small project as participatory development projects.  To work for the Rights of the Children.  To Work for the Minorities Rights and Gender Violation.  Spread our approach to other organization with regard to Participatory Development Approach

OUR ACTIVITIES. (THEMATIC AREA)  Advocacy.  Women And Children Development.  Generating Income Through Local Resources.  Rural Development & Youth Activities.  Interactive Theatre.  Social Development Through Awareness And Skill Training To Be The Communities Self-Dependant.  Poverty Alleviation.

OUR VISION TARAQEE PASSAND ORGANIZATION, as it is mentioned in its name foresees an Oppressor Free, Clean, Ecologically Balanced Social, Democratic & Educated Community


TRAININGS TARAQEE PASSAND ORGANIZATION, the Development organization’s Training and Research, provides specially designed training, consultancy and research services to organizations involved in development and relief of poor neglected and marginalized community. TRAINING WORKSHOPS FOR COMMUNITY AND STAFF MEMBERS

TARAQEE PASSAND ORGANIZATIO organizes human rights education training activities at both the Local and the regional level for the purpose of sharing the knowledge and skills of Human Rights Education Advocates in the region. This utilizes a diverse range of pedagogical approaches for the formal and the non- formal Education

Objectives for Capacity Building In Training Workshops • To provide training in Human Rights Education methodologies to grassroots trainers representing human rights education organizations and people's organizations throughout the region using popular education techniques of human rights education. • To facilitate exchanges of experiences, strategies, and methodologies in teaching human rights education at the Local and the regional level. • To create and sustain a network of organizations actively working together to initiate future human rights education projects, among a variety of target groups, in a coordinated and monitored effort. • To further develop and improve human rights education methodologies through experiential process, theory, collection, synthesis, and disseminate such information through materials development.

TARAQEE PASSAND ORGANIZATION’S VALUES TARAQEE PASSAND Organization’s believes in the importance of NGOs as alternative and independent actors working for sustainable development in a justice and civil society. TARAQEE PASSAND Organization’s also believes that NGO values of social justice, empowerment and participation of the poorest and most marginalized groups need to be protected and extended within wider society. TARAQEE PASSAND ORGANIZATION contributes to this objective by strengthening the organizational and management capacity of NGOs, analyzing global NGO trends, and supporting the institutional development of the sector as a whole. THEATRE FOR SOCIAL CHANGE



Experience of democracy over the past decade has brought about an increasing realization that genuine social transformation is not possible unless civil society plays a more conscientious role in changing social and political structures .in recent years a few NGOs have started working towards expanding the political knowledge base of citizens, increasing their access to relevant information and enhancing their capacity to use political knowledge effectively We provided awareness on different current and social issue by using the latest tool of interactive theatre as Advocacy tool to support women’s participation in local Bodies Election and build people’s opinion for joint Election. In their respective Communities and during our last project on “VOTER EDUCATION” we motivated females to take part in the local bodies elections as a candidate. During the Local Bodies Election in 2001, in cities like MULTAN, Muzafar Garh, Bakhar, Rahim Yar Khan, Bahawalpur, Chishtian, Bahawalnagar and Khanewal the TARAQEE PASSAND ORGANIZATION & MULTAN Interactive Theatre Group, staged the play “Dharti aur Raushni. It highlighted the problems of rural women, and portraying the theme of governance in the country and women participation in Local Bodies Election. These plays were staged in different cities of Pakistan with the active assistance of SAP Pakistan (South Asian Partnership), IRC (Interactive Resource Center) and CWS (Church World Service). All the plays were highly appreciated by the audience.

MULTAN THEATRE GROUP TARAQEE PASSAND ORGANIZATION is core member of MULTAN THAETRE GROUP (MTG) is an independent, non-government, and non-political theatre group. MTG has performed for a number of national and international organizations. Multan Theatre Group was provided basic training of performing arts and new theatre techniques by AJOKA, IRC and CWS. Multan Theatre will always be thankful to these organizations which no doubt are a milestone in their respective fields.

MEDIA Our organization members are related to media and education department and that is why we have capacity to provide, publish columns and features on different issue in daily Urdu, English News papers and magazine etc.

OVERALL IMPACT TPO feels that as a result of the project the scope of women participation in the process of development has broadened. It has helped in the promotion of alternative strategies to bring women the main stream of development. This has helped in strengthening the process of social mobilization and opened new avenues for women participation as active subject in the process of development. It has also helped in improving linkages and net working between members of various civil societies. We believe that sustainable development is only possible through partnership with local communities. It has been acknowledged that the key to mobilizing people to forward their own cause is organization and awareness building with particular regard to the dynamics of powers change and rights.