Worcester Interfaith

  • Massachusetts


111 Park Avenue
United States

About Us

Founded in 1993, Worcester Interfaith works to ensure that public resources benefit those who need it most – specifically, those of low-income, minority, and newcomer status who have been left behind by the economy. Our members are religious congregations and community-based organizations in the city of Worcester, MA. Over the course of 24 years, we’ve leveraged community support and funding for neighborhood pools, parks and recreation, Community Schools, infrastructure improvements, workforce development, employment opportunities for youth and adults, all while advocating for policy changes at the local and state level.

We organize people through their congregation or organization and strive to empower everyone who is engaged in our work. We achieve this through 1-on-1 meetings, house meetings, delegates assemblies, town halls, and the broad-based coalitions we build. Low-income members participate in our work through Issue Committees, campaigns, meetings, and leadership trainings. Members find and use their voice, learn crucial leadership skills that they then bring to their communities, adopt leadership roles, and discover how to play an instrumental role in leveraging positive social change.