The Sahana Project

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About Us

The sahana project is a disaster-relief effort designed to rebuild the lives of those affected by the December 26 tsunami In Sri Lanka in a way that maintains the dignity of those being helped.

We aim to connect donor communities in the United States and receiving communities in Sri Lanka through personal, long-term interactions that restore the sense of our common humanity, regardless of what each of us has or what we may have lost. It is focused on individuals and communities coming together across the artificial boundaries of race, religion and nationality to learn about each other with a view to changing how we look at our world.

We are working with a local organization in Sri Lanka, the Disaster Management & Information Program (DMIP)of the Green Movement of Sri Lanka (GMSL), to rebuild the village of Kalamitiya.

We are looking for 31 communities across Maine and beyond within the United States, to partner with the 31 families of Kalamitiya.