Tujifunze:Centre Information Technology (TCIT)


p.o.box 245 , Mwanza Tanzania
p.o.box 1595 Bukoba Tanzania


About Us

The Organization mission is to enhance co-operation and participation among the deprived Urban/Rural Communities through Collaboration of both local and External stake holders who share common development interest to bring about peoples’ dignity, understanding and confidence.

The Vision of the Organization is to build the communities with ability of equitable utilisation of locally available resources and those from external sources towards improvement of well being of rural and urban poor households(HHs) in Tanzania

The Specific Objectives of the Organization as agreed by the Founding Members are as follows:

To act as a forum for information and technological development of communities in the lake zone; Tanzania.

To co-ordinate their recreational activities starting right from the village through information communication technology.

To engage in the work of Community Development through nformation, Communication and Technology.

To sensitise community participation in the conservation of natural resources through in formation, communication and technology.

To engage in mass mobilisation on HIV/ AIDS/STI/Malaria Control through In formation, Communication and technology.

To promote gender equality and equity in accessing Information, Communication and technology.

To advocate for appropriate utilisation of Information, Communication and Technology among the arginalized groups including the children, sables, elderly, orphans and widows;

To facilitate the establishment of community- based information centres for sustainable development.

To promoting the role of voluntarism in community organization and groups initi tives in social development with beneficiary community recreational groups and structures as models through information communication technology.

To network with similar international Organizations the advancement of Information, Communication and technology

To support the most vulnerable widows and children living in difficult circumstances

Now we have running orphanage day care Nursery school, at kilimahewa area in Mwanza also we planning building new classroom and new orphanage centre at North Busweru , REGUEST FOR VOLUNTEERS WORK TOGETHER AND JOIN US and REGUEST FOR VOLUNTEERS AND FINANCIAL SUPPORT to supporting us