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About Us

The mission of Forward Rural America (FRA) is to empower tomorrow’s “pioneers” to restore the entrepreneurial, “if I had a dream”, self-sustaining spirit of America’s once vibrant, small rural communities and reestablish an strongholds of prosperity throughout our nation’s small, rural communities, regardless of their size or location.

The first year, FRA proposes to establish a minimum of one (1) small, rural community to provide the a step-by-step example tools, techniques, to boldly go beyond where small rural communities have already gone by introducing cutting edge, high technology equipment and systems in order to bridge the gap between rural and urban business advantages

FRA will utilize the proven performance, strategies, and diverse skills of successful, small rural community businesspersons and other “change leaders” to provide models of successful, sustainable development that any small, rural community can easily copy or modify to build their own model of sustainability.

Through systematic documentation of implementation procedures in each model community, FRA seeks to supply the step-by-step processes, tools, organizational structure, and other resources that can again be easily duplicated from community to community to create the economic and spiritual wealth necessary to build healthy communities and achieve lasting vitality.

FRA fulfills its mission by transforming diverse, small rural communities through education, resource development, advocacy, networking, training, technology assistance, policy initiatives, funding assistance, and strategic partnerships.

Committed to empowering people, organizations, and communities FRA will contribute to the formation of future leaders and organizations working together to generate fundamental economic and social transformations.