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FAITH BASED NGO (REG NOS.5914/1085). P. O. Box 395 Jinja, Uganda – East Africa Email: beroya2003@yahoo.com Tel: 256-782-593714 Website: www.beroya.org DATE: 16TH/8/2010.

RE: JABEZ CHILDREN CENTER AND MOTHER EMPOWERMENT Introduction : Having realized the challenges and difficult of the mothers and children go through, we decided to embark on looking for ways and means of combating the alarming situation in our local churches and communities under Beroya Gospel Fellowship organization through our newly created program called JEBEZ CHILDREN AND WOMEN EMPOWERMENT (JCAME ) ORGANIZATION INFORMATION Background JCAME is a voluntary CHURCH/Community Based program initiated by the church (Beroya Gospel Fellowship) which is a registered church as NGO under a registration number S.5914/1085. The program is focusing its major activities on caring for children who are vulnerable to HIV/AIDS (infected and affected) in the local communities. JCAME was initiated Is every year after a long analysis of our country’s ever increasing rate of infection particularly of children with HIV/AIDS. The organization started its operations in the district of Jinja but has now extended its services to KAMULI and NAMUTUMBA districts with its Head office located in Jinja town. In 2001 after realizing the effect of the economic status of families on the lives of affected children, the organization introduced a programe of supporting Grandmothers, widows and single mothers before, who are nurturing the orphans of their late off springs, husbands and relatives. The organization is so far operating under a family fostering net work of 750 families. TARGET GROUP: Jabez children and mother empowerment has centered its concern on the children who are 2 to 18 years of age that are living with HIV/AIDS and the mothers, widows and single mothers who are taking care of the target group children. The organization is currently reaching out to 50 children living with HIV/AIDS and 30 Grandmothers, 13 widows and 21 single mothers as for the start.

VISION: Jabez children and mother empowerment’s vision is to create an environment where vulnerable children and those living with HIV/AIDS realize their full potential in communities that respect children’s rights, acknowledge their contributions and ensure a secure and enjoyable childhood that supports their development. MISSION: Jabez children and mother empowerment strives to fight for the realization that HIV/AIDS affected children have the rights to survival, protection and education in order to create a sustainable change in their lives and status by enabling the families where these children stay to spiritually and socially function. PROBLEM DESCRIPTION:

Since 1980s HIV/AIDS has been a deadly epidemic in Africa and Uganda in particular, many energetic people have lost their lives leaving very many orphans – in numerous cases - under the care of their Grandmothers, widows and single mothers. The rate of infection had become increasingly high by the 1990s, but no means had been derived to control the transmission of the virus. This phenomenon caused many children to get infected through mother to child transmission. The Uganda Population and Housing census of 2002 revealed a population of 11 million children; 35% are vulnerable children that are 3.8 million vulnerable children due to various factors like poverty, broken homes, single mothers, unplanned births, insurgency, natural calamities and diseases most commonly, HIV/AIDS, malaria (upper respiratory infection ) URI. The Ministry of Gender, Labour and Community development in the same year revealed a total of 1.7 million orphans, 75% are under the care of their Grandparents and yet these Grandparents are no longer functional in that, they do not have all that energy to do heavy work that can enable them generate income. There are a number of Non-Government Organizations taking care of Orphaned children in Uganda but without particular concern for the Grandmothers, widows and single mothers who are taking care of these orphaned children. In our simple survey carried out by the church leaders/staff early in 2006 in the target area, it was discovered that of the 263 households, 109 house holds are headed by Grandmothers. These Grandmothers are all peasants growing food using traditional methods for home consumption, which therefore earns them little surplus to take to markets. The average daily income of these families is less than 1 dollar. The existence of these Grandmothers and Orphans living with HIV/AIDS in rural settings is not known by the stake holders. Very little attention is given to these families, they face stigma and segregation, and their rights are completely denied. The challenges these families face are; lack of sufficient medical care, poor nutrition and lack of education for the children though the U.P.E program which still inefficient in terms of poor quality of education, scholastic materials, Uniform and no good meals at school as in addition the social stigma of having been infected with HIV\AIDS. The Government has put same parameters in place to care for vulnerable people but the aid in most cases is misappropriated by unconcerned Government officials - take for example the Global Fund. As a result, the affected orphans in local communities are not accessing services such as medical care, antiretroviral treatment, testing and counseling. This crisis calls for good Samaritans who can take the trouble to identify such families and enable them to access required services. It therefore became the concern of the founders of Beroya gospel fellowship to set up a program this particular program geared specifically at supporting Grandmothers, widows single mothers and their orphans in our local communities. Beroya children and mother empowerment is pleased to report that there have been some successful cases of Grandmothers who are now functional as a result of our effort. GOAL To acquire funding from foundation, sponsors, well wishers and friends to address the following activities; Supply of food stuffs to improve the nutrition of families Provide bedding facilities for the children and Grandmothers as to promote health . Enable Grandmothers, widows and single mothers to set up income generating activities particularly diary cattle rearing to improve both nutrition and house hold income. Meet the costs of medical services rendered to the children and grandmothers. Provide scholastic materials and fees for the orphans and having means of transport and communication.. Specific Objectives 1. To improve on the living standards. 2. To make a model program easily adoptable with other local churches. 3. To remove stigmatization and segregation from the society we are serving. 4. To alleviate poverty by making them productive. Management and budget The program is managed by 5 volunteer members under the supervision of the organization body which comprises of the following: 1. Executive Director holding Diploma in theology and certificate in community development. 2. Secretary /Administrator holding degree in social work /administration. 3. Treasure holds a certificate in bible studies. 4. Accountant holds diploma in Accounting. Then the following runs the project: 1. Project manager holding diploma in social work. 2. 4 field workers holding certificate in community development studies. As for this program to be achieved we need a total budget of $5,000 for the two years implementing plan. Therefore, your advice and guidance will be relied upon for the success of this program. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. God bless you All. Yours truly, Pastor Mwandha Michael EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR.