Single Women's Advocacy Center for Education

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About Us

Adolescent pregnancy cost North Carolina $1,039,390,739 in fiscal year 2001-2002. That includes the cost of WIC, Medicaid, food stamps and TANF. Childless, young women are seemingly at disadvantage when assistance is needed. This “forgotten population” in our society is often denied assistance because they don’t have dependents.

SWACE was created to provide services to these ladies. We believe that education empowers individuals and encourages them reach total “selfcess”. Our target age for service is 17-35 years old . However, we will offer our resources to all women.

Our mission is to offer programming that fosters healthy lifestyles through education and support, which leads to positive self image and productive members of society.

We work to collaborate with community organizations to offer resources to Single, Childless women in the areas of, but not limited to: Budgeting, Self Esteem, Life Coaching, Car Buying, Home Purchasing and Pregnancy Prevention.

In addition, we will directly provide: Road side assistance, Financial assistance in crises, Educational scholarships, Resume/ Interview skills and computer classes.