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About Us

Home Gardening Projects build complete raised-bed vegetable gardens, including soil, soil-frames, trellis, tomato cages, seeds, starts, fertilized, instructions, cooking and growing tips, for low-income households and caring institutions. The gardens are built at no cost for the aged, the disabled, single-parent mothers, care facilities, head-start schools, and women's shelters. The new vegetable gardeners practice self-reliance, significant occupation, and improve their health and well-being. The sponsoring communities practice social caring, community preventitive medicine, job creation, and diminishment of reliance on other social programs. The purpose and intent of the Foundation is to initiate 20 new garden building Projects each year for the next ten years in 200 of America's largest cities. More if possible. Our purpose is to build more vegetable gardens, make more gardeners, and create more garden builders that all might share in the abundance and the miracle of the seed.