REACTION :: A Community-Based Organization

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3457 Trafalgar Place
San Jose
United States

About Us

REACTION was started in fall of 2002 by a group of students at Sierramont Middle in San Jose. Our group consists of teenagers to young adults. REACTiON is a group which enjoys helping the communities, having fun and to be meeting new people at the same time.We are a community-based organization that contributes to our city, schools, and communities. What we do is host free community events, projects, and activities that are to provide a common bonding throughout the community and to help the local schools and community in any possible way.Our goal is to promote volunteerism, leadership skills, social skills, organization skills, idealistic abilities, and friendliness to increase the positivistic in the environment we live in. REACTiON is run on profits from fund-raisers, donations, contributions from companies, and even from our own pockets. Whether its money donations or product donations, we need whatever you desire to donate. We also need personal and cooperate sponsors for our projects, events and activities. Adults can also supervise at our events, just contact us and we’ll place you on our contact list. Without the community support, nothing will be possible.