Swadesh Sewa Sansthan

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About Us

Swadesh Sewa Sansthan is a Non Profit NGO. It has five main aims, to "Save Birds", "Save Trees", "Save Environment", "Save Water" and "Develop Tourism". The ongoing campaign is to save birds in Rajasthan region. The birds and environment suitable for them were being observed from past five years and after gathering sufficient data, the campaign is functional. Breeding huts, Platforms and Cages have been established for breeding and protection of birds. There are different types of breeding huts, platform and cages for different type of birds to provide them their habitat, shelter and to protect them from predators. Installations done until now, have given positive results.

Donations to Swadesh Sewa Sansthan, Udaipur are tax exempted under section 80G and rule 11AA under Income Tax Act, 1961.

" It’s easy to earn money, now let’s earn some Happiness "