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About Us

Promise India is a forthcoming research based non-profit organization. Our mission is to create an interactive information based forum to engage the global community in a discourse of India-specific social issues with the vision to raise awareness, foster dialogue, encourage action, and initiate change. Promise India's research scope includes issues such as gender based violence, children's issues, poverty, education, homosexuality, HIV/AIDS, modernization, global terrorism, pop culture, and interlinkages between these issues and their development implications at the household, national and global levels. Together, through awareness raising and active participation of the mass, we can realize the promise of India!

Promise India's research will be enhanced by associated socio-political cartoons. A cartoon is a drawing depicting a humorous situation, often accompanied by a caption. Cartoons convey a story or a message through visual depictions. Imagination, reality, humor and seriousness coexist in a balanced form in a cartoon. A political cartoon is an illustration or a comic strip containing a political or a social message. As products of global ‘pop’ culture, socio-political cartoons are an expression of a socio-political landscape of a nation, of a world. Artistic expressions of a domestically cultured and globally conscious human mind, they transgress the geographical boundaries to convey socio-political messages from one society to another, from one nation to another and across the globe.

We believe that every citizen of the global community, young and old alike, has a say and a stake in the monumental challenges facing all nations of the world today because at the end of the day, it is the average citizen of a nation who is at the receiving end of neglect of and inaction towards issues that matter the most to him or her. As natives of India and as individuals who are passionate about raising awareness towards issues of utmost importance, in this effort’s infancy phase, our departure point and focus is India, the world's largest democracy.

With the backdrop of existing and increasing interdependence among peoples of the world, using India as the departure point and moving from specific to general, that is to say from country-specific to global, through in-depth research and analysis and by engaging the mass in an informative, global conversation, Promise India will shed light on Indian social issues, ones already on the national or international platform and issues which are often time overlooked. This is an effort to bring coordinated and cohesive perspectives to societal issues and to explore associations and implications of those issues in the global context.

As a non-profit organization, Promise India values the work done by non-profit, grass-roots organizations around the globe and believes that such organizations born out of adversities within a society are best suited and equipped to address those very adversities. Thus, we believe that mutually rewarding partnerships with like-minded entities would enable us to share best practices, gain from respective experiences and together become catalysts for change and good in the world. This is the spirit behind Promise India's partnership with Society to Empower Women Action (SEWA), a non-profit organization, located in Andhra Pardesh, India with service to humanity as its guiding principle.

SEWA, guided by its commitment to service to humanity, works to fulfill its mission of empowering marginalized women and children by providing them with support services. Currently, SEWA's Ashirvad (meaning: blessing) Orphanage, located in Tuni, Andhra Pardesh, is home to 75 orphans, providing them with a safe haven and a chance at living a normal life under adverse circumstances. These orphans come from volatile backgrounds and have been victims of adversities such as abuse, neglect, malnutrition, child labor, child marriage, trafficking, alcoholism. Additionally, SEWA has a history of providing socially and economically disadvantaged women with education and basic skills training in tailoring, sewing and knitting through its Women Training Center (WTC). Unfortunately, due to lack of needed funding, WTC is no longer operational which takes away many women's only ray of hope in life. SEWA's efforts also include operating two shelters in remote villages in Andhra Pardesh which provide elderly with a temporary shelter, warm meals and a place where they are treated with respect, dignity and care.

Together, Promise India and SEWA are working in a concerted effort to renovate Ashirvad Orphanage to equip it with basic needs items to enable the children to live healthy, productive and fruitful lives. SEWA's efforts thus far have taken 75 children off the dangerous streets and out of life threatening situations. Though this is encouraging, there are tens of thousands of children on the streets of India today who need a caring hand. Mindful of that, we will continue our efforts, through outreach and fund raising campaigns to sponsor additional orphans and provide them with a safe haven. The objective is to help the children acquire the knowledge and skills they need to build a successful future for themselves so that once they leave the Orphanage, they do not fall prey to the adversities that brought them to the Orphanage in the first place. Additionally, SEWA and Promise India are working together to re-open the WTC with the goal to empower marginalized and disadvantaged women by providing them with their only chance in life of obtaining education and skills they need to become independent, productive members of their societies.

As we embark on this journey, we welcome the support of motivated, driven and passionate individuals and organizations to take this journey to great heights.

We welcome you to contact us for more information on how you can get involved and support Promise India!