Inter-Cooperative Council

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2305 Nueces St
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About Us

The University of Texas Inter-Cooperative Council (ICC) is a student owned and operated housing cooperative serving students in Austin, Texas. ICC Austin is an active member of NASCO (North American Students of Cooperation).

ICC is a student owned 501c3 corporation that operates nine cooperative houses providing affordable housing for students in Austin, Texas. We offer an all inclusive package including food, utilities and internet. We regularly provide training for members in house management, conflict resolution, and financial literacy. Other education events that members want happen depending on availability of expertise. In past years these have included anti-oppression, having safe sex, and music theory.

ICC’s Vision: A broad and inclusive community, brought together through cooperation, that enhances the lives of all involved.

ICC’s Mission: To provide affordable, cooperatively run housing for students that encourages the formation of long-lasting communities and enhances the education of our members.

ICC’s Values: Self-help, Self-responsibility, Democracy, Equality, Equity, and Solidarity.