Perception International

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About Us

PERCEPTION INTERNATIONAL educates the public about cultural and environmental issues by providing new perspectives on these issues and their interrelationships. The organization also promotes biodiversity, cultural diversity, and perceptual diversity through its projects.

Perception Internatoinal is dedicated to the concept that, just as biodiversity is necessary for the survival of local and global ecosystems, different ways of perceiving are essential for the survival of humanity. We call this perceptual diversity.

It is our view that loss of perceptual diversity, biodiversity and cultural diversity are interrelated and that current limited perceptual constructs contribute to the destruction of other species and the environment as well as negatively affecting humankind. We believe that thinking outside the box and conducting innovative projects is much needed and underfunded.

Perception International aims to create and communicate new perspectives that lead to new ways of being, creating, and living. The organization engages in and is fiscal sponsor to educational projects as well as projects on the ground. Our goal is to help humanity attain a higher degree of adaptability and awareness. Our projects may focus on people, other species, or the environment, or a combination thereof.

AREAS OF INTEREST • The relationships between human beings, animals, and nature (anthrozooecology) • Relationships between perceptual constructs (for example, quantum physics and spirituality) • Indigenous knowledge and traditional healing • Disseminating the perceptions of a variety of people and cultures • Protection of biodiversity • Community conservation • Sustainable global human population • Reducing the human footprint on planet earth • Communication between human beings, animals, and nature • Ethnomedicine