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About Us

At the World Without Poverty Foundation we are developing and implementing a series of programs to help end extreme poverty. In addition to developing our own programs we will be working to support other organizations focused on helping those living in extreme poverty. Below are our first initiatives:

Web Education Initiative: Working with the $100 Laptop Project, the World Without Poverty Foundation, will provide web based education programs. These programs will help people in impoverished communities gain the skills and knowledge needed to help grow and develop an industry in their community. Lessons will be conducted by World Without Poverty volunteers with experience or expertise in the areas needed.

Micro Lending: The World Without Poverty Foundation micro lending programs will begin by working with Kiva to provide no interest loans to people starting business in impoverished communities. The World Without Poverty Foundation will provide funds for these loans in order to help stimulate the local economies in these communities. Our ultimate goal for these lending programs is to develop our own independent lending programs.

International Non-Profit Organizations: The World Without Poverty Foundation will help support other organizations that share our goals. MBA’s Without Boarders and Peace Corps are a couple of the organizations that we have targeted. We help provide funding, supplies, and our Web Education Initiative to these organizations.