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About Us

SafeHalls Projects' mission is to foster open dialogue in the New York City community and surrounding areas to contribute to the safety of students and educators within educational institutions.

SafeHall’s Project is a non-profit tax-exempt charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code.  We are not your typical security consultants.  We do not specialize in, nor sell security equipment.  Our approach is keen to the fact that educational institutions main purpose is to educate. 

Safety assessments are performed by professionals who have been trained in the public safety industry.  The staff will not intrude on the safety plans and policies already established.  They understand each school environment have different safety concerns. 

The assessments are for:

  • The educator, who may need to report a safety issue and   is looking for additional support. 

  • The student, who may have fears of coming forward. 
  • The parent, who may have information they are hesitant to share. 

By generating safety awareness and bridging gaps in the school community once or twice a year, schools will benefit; building a long lasting environment of prevention and partnership.

PROJECTS I & II Yearly School Safety Check and                      Twice Yearly School Safety Check

  • A SafeHall’s employee will visit with security/safety or a school administrator to review the basic safety procedures.
  • A staff member will request that the school inform students, parents and educators of the assessment, in the form it prefers, for community involvement and awareness.
  • Following the visit, a written report will be submitted with respect to recommendations, if any.

PROJECT III                                                             Unannounced Safety Check

Upon written request of the School Principal/Head, a SafeHall’s employee will make several unannounced assessments within the facility to perform safety checks in a four month period.  A SafeHall’s employee will only enter facility with the principals’ knowledge or another assigned administrator.