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About Us

Canadian Friends of Pearl Children (CFPC) is a grassroots organization that leverages personal and community assets to provide for individual and community needs. It developed Pearl Children of Uganda (PCU), a community based organization that works on the ground on behalf of CFPC to ensure that work is well organized, completed in a timely fashion and run successfully.

CFPC gives a hand up, not a hand out by focusing on education and supporting sustainable endeavours, such as the Delicious Peace Coffee Cooperative. Our work is interfaith, promoting peace and cooperation among the Jewish, Muslim ,and Christian communities. CFPC has taken the time to form deep personal relationships with as many community members as possible and is well-placed to support truly sustainable development in the area.

Currently, CFPC and PCU are fully supporting 62 children in primary and secondary schools, as well as five university students. CFPC is also helping to cover the non-educational costs of a few other university students from the broader community.

Thanks to your donations, more than 100 children have finished elementary school and 5 have graduated from university with law, business, early childhood education and hospitality management degrees. Furthermore, with your support, we have been able to purchase approximately 4 acres of land that is farmed, using sustainable techniques and an innovative irrigation system made available by our partner, Women First Uganda. PCU crops are stored in a storeroom that is lit thanks to a solar panel. The panel also provides light and heat for the poultry farm that produces eggs.

Recently, with the help of CFPC donors, PCU was able to purchase three cows and two bulls and a build a shelter to keep them. These purchases are the beginning of a livestock farm and provide fertilizer to enrich the soil of the farm.