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Sanlaap North America is a volunteer driven, nonprofit organization based in New York City. Sanlaap NA was founded in January of 2010 as the North American counterpart of Sanlaap India. The remarkable work of Sanlaap India inspired us to become part of Sanlaap and help Sanlaap evolve into a larger, more impactful organization with an International footprint. We aim to increase awareness in the United States of the tragic problem of sex-trafficking, we aim to raise funding to build additional Sanlaap shelters and lastly, we aim to focus upon providing an education for the young girls in our shelters. We hope that you join us in our fight against the tragic injustice of trafficking and help these young girls gain back their freedom.

Mission Statement Sanlaap North America is dedicated to working against the trafficking of women and children for commercial and sexual exploitation. The girls we aim to protect have either been kidnapped or sold by their families into the red light districts of urban India. We hope to make an impact by helping these young girls take back their freedom and housing them in communities that will ensure access to health, education, and protection from abuse and exploitation.