Link to International Studies Academy San Francisco

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693 Vermont Street
San Francisco
United States

About Us

International Studies Academy (ISA) is a San Francisco Unified School District public high school located at 693 Vermont Street. ISA has been in existence since the early eighties. ISA has an international academic focus which means we teach geography, take study abroad trips yearly, and integrate international studies into various lesson plans.

Link to ISA is a collaborative of services located at ISA. Our collaborative represents teachers, administrators, youth, parents, community-based organizations, counselors, and YMCA staff. Link to ISA’s mission is to connect the ISA community with resources and people from the larger San Francisco and world community. We do this through providing opportunities for community members to contribute to ISA, collaborating with community-based organizations, and informing ISA staff, faculty, and students of ways to participate in the San Francisco community.

We always welcome monetary and volunteer support to help operate our programs. Please contact Jason Wyman, Director, either to give a donation, or to volunteer your time, or services: