Sustainable Living Institute of Maui

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About Us

The Sustainability Imperative

Communities around the world, marked as they are by differences in culture, religion, geography and politics, are united by a common desire to improve the quality of life of their inhabitants. This shared hope is accompanied by common challenges and difficult choices regarding economic, social and physical development and change. Our greatest challenge is also our highest aspiration - ameliorating present conditions without compromising future generations.

Initially developed nearly 20 years ago in the United Nations Brundtland Report, the sustainability model reflects this inter- and intra-generational sensibility and the necessity of creating lasting value. The sustainable approach also recognizes the multi-dimensionality of value, celebrating economic, social and environmental contributions.

Our respective educational and wealth creating institutions have individually come to appreciate the sustainability imperative. We collectively agree that, as an island community inherently aware of its boundaries, the finite nature of locally-sourced resources and the interdependence of its inhabitants, Maui is ideally situated to become a model for sustainable living. We have therefore come together to create the Sustainable Living Institute of Maui. The Institute’s central mission is to investigate the creation of communities that engender a self-perpetuating environment of responsibility and respect that results in the balancing of present and future needs.

We are committed to working together to find common solutions to shared challenges using innovative, future-oriented techniques, tools and concepts and to applying these strategies on the Island of Maui and beyond. We hope you will join us in this unprecedented collaborative, global effort to effect positive change in our communities.