Belief for Relief

  • NY


PO Box 7712
United States

About Us

<code>Belief for Relief works to provide monetary assistance to families in financial crisis. Those who are suffering from true financial hardship due to involuntary job loss, medical bills due to illness, recession related devastations, and similar circumstances beyond their control; circumstances that have resulted in severe financial hardship such as impending homelessness or other devastating family crises.</code> <code>Our goal is to return each family’s finances to a secure state and enable them to live within their means so they can continue their daily lives without the burden of looming disaster each day.</code> <code>As a result of us coming together to help one family, then two, then four,… we will in turn be one step closer to supporting and stimulating the overall economy. If we continue to recreate this formula time and time again, we can generate a positive domino effect through out all of our American communities!</code>