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About Us

Globono, global pro bono and virtual volunteer network, is an online community development gateway that enables skilled professionals to provide technical assistance to international non-profits and developing communities in need. Professionals are an untapped resource for improving the standard of living throughout the world. While many can not leave their jobs, Glono makes it possible for them to engage in voluntary assignments right from home. Globono uses the internet to connect those with skills to those who need help, allowing communities to receive immediate and cost effective assistance.

Our mission is to allow those with skills an outlet for their compassion, and alleviate poverty through education and transfer of skills. The purpose of Globono is to use internet technology to provide technical assistance to the world’s poorest and most desperate. Communities in need, in collaboration with development workers, will post requests for assistance on the Globono website. Skilled professionals will search the need requests work with Globono to find a suitable match.

Globono will target agriculture, education, the environment, health and HIV/AIDS, municipal development, youth development and information technology. Volunteers will provide lesson plans, blueprints, web skills and business models to address the above needs on an individual basis.