A Miner Miracle (San Francisco, CA)

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414 Mason St
Suite 510
San Francisco
United States

About Us

A Miner Miracle is a San Francisco based non-profit organization that provides professional clothing and image counseling to low-income men, women and young adults seeking employment. The purpose of the program is to help disadvantaged people move into the workplace by educating them to present themselves well and with pride. The program enhances the employment potential and self-esteem of each client as they begin to take control of the direction of their lives.

At A Miner Miracle, each client gets valuable education and resources for job interview preparation in addition to a complete makeover from head to toe. For women this includes a private wardrobe consultation, interview appropriate clothing, new shoes, accessories, an appointment with a professional hair stylist, and grooming and cosmetic instruction and products. Men receive an interview appropriate outfit along with new shoes and socks, accessories, a haircut and tailor services.

A Miner Miracle has also opened up two boutiques to help support our programs. A Miner Miracle SHOP on Mission is an image counseling center and fashion boutique together under one roof. SHOP is an expansion of our original mission, allowing A Miner Miracle to provide a unique supplement and much-needed follow-up for our existing clients while also reaching out to other low income people who will benefit from our services.