Commonwealth Debate Council



About Us

The Ghana Debate Council, now the Commonwealth Debate Council is an organization formed to promote debate, encourage growth, and standardize tournament formats. Our event is not a profit-making venture for tournament organizers. It is hosted solely with the intention of providing a quality event for the community and the competitors, and introducing others to this exceptionally program.

Purpose of the Championship: The purpose of the Championship shall be the promotion of debate, the free exchange of ideas, international contact and co-operation and the enjoyment of participants of the Championship.

Our mission Statement “CDC creates an intellectually enriching environment, giving students the opportunity to tackle complex problems while receiving feedback from the public, ultimately helping to unite, enrich and challenge leaders of tomorrow”

Our Foundation Uniting : evokes pride, passion and extreme dedication from all of those involved. Bringing together motivated students, committed judges, devoted sponsors and a keen organizing organization, an excellent forum for the exchange of ideas and establishment of life-long relationships is created.

Enriching: affords competitors opportunity to showcase their talent and receive insightful and valuable feedback from the public.

Challenging: uses the finest topics (motions) to challenge undergraduate students to think critically, develop and evaluate alternatives, create solutions and present their ideas with an acumen that refines the finest leaders of tomorrow.

Debating Championship Aims • To achieve excellence in debating • To encourage debating around the world • To promote international understanding • To promote freedom of speech

Partners in Ghana: Ministry of Education Ministry 0f Information GETFUND

Participating Universities: 1. University of Ghana-Accra 2. KNUST-Kumasi 3. Valley View University-Accra 4. Ashesi University-Accra 5. Zenith University College-Accra 6. Ghana Institute Of Journalism-Accra 7. University Of Cape Coast-Cape Coast 8. All Nations University-Koforidua 9. Pentecost University-Accra 10. Regent University-Accra 11. Central University-Accra 12. Catholic University-Sunyani 13. Institute of Professional Studies-Accra 14. Wisconsin University-Accra 15. Islamic University-Accra 16. University of Development Studies-Tamale

Swing Institutions: • New York University (Ghana) • Ghana Telecom University • Datalink University • GIMPA • Methodist University • Presbyterian University