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About Us

Associação de Moradores das Moradias Zimbros (ASMOZI), a registered non-governmental organisation in Curitiba, Southern Brazil. For over 22 years, ASMOZI has been working hard to steer at-risk children and adolescents away from drug trafficking and usage, and guide them towards a brighter future by organising free educational and vocational programmes.

The children and adolescents that ASMOZI works with come from non-functional and financially disadvantaged homes and live in communities where drug trafficking and usage, gang activities, and teenage pregnancies are prevalent. Growing up in such an environment, the children and adolescents tend to develop various psychological, social and behavioural disorders, which compromises their learning and development process.

ASMOZI has been engaging the children and adolescents through various educational, vocational and leisure activities in areas such as sports, theatre, music, dance, gastronomy, handicraft and computer literacy. These programmes are free of charge for the beneficiaries and lunch is provided in order to sustain their participation. These programmes ensure that the children and adolescents have meaningful activities to pursue in their free time and pick up a skill or two that will come in useful in the future. More importantly, ASMOZI serves as a second home where they feel safe and happy.