Global Technology Training Center

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8914 Avenue A
Brooklyn NY 11236
United States

About Us

MISSION: Over the next decade, nearly three and a half million manufacturing jobs will need to be filled.  Our mission at GTTC is to prepare as many Americans as necessary in our training centers around the country to be able to enter the fields of manufacturing and technology in order to obtain a position in the industry administering the skills learned at GTTC. We will create a public-private manufacturing partnership to spearhead a national Workforce Development program to equip urban at-risk residents with the job readiness and/or technical skills necessary for employment in the manufacturing industry. This innovative public-private partnership will result in a national consortium of for-profits, non-profits, government agencies, and colleges, collaborating to train thousands of at-risk, low-income residents in multiple urban communities. We seek to hire the unemployed and/or underemployed. This pool of trainees will serve as the main recruitment source for manufacturing and distribution sites across the US.  Funding is needed to continue this effort.