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About Us

A.A provides nurturing care and educational programs based upon the universal concepts of children rights stated by the UNICEF. Awaiting Angels Program seeks to improve the quality of life for families and communities from disadvantaged backgrounds. Consequently, A.A provides help to established Peruvian institutions through our volunteer outreach programs.

Why Awaiting Angels?

Affordable: Our participants do not need to pay  thousands of dollars to join a program abroad.

Impact: We give you the keys to change positively a community where both parties are benefited and where you make a real change.

Experience:  We are a trusted and experienced team conformed by experienced professionals in the field of social entrepreneurship and voluntary service.

Variety:  beside the support services we provide to our volunteers, we offer different ways to experience your trip and service. Further, our projects are located in the coast, highlands and jungle of Peru.  

Innovative: We empower the artisan´s quality products through innovative workshops and fair pay.