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About Us

Paz Oaxaca’s purpose is to promote peace in the general public of Oaxaca, Mexico by supporting programs and schools that value peace and promote sustainable healthy living practices. We define peace as knowing our own needs, feelings, and life purpose and recognizing, honoring, and defending them for other living beings and systems.

Paz Oaxaca is a Texas-based 501.c(3) non-profit organization accepting donations and for two organizations in Oaxaca, Mexico: Paz Montessori and Paz Montessori's expanding projects as well as la Protección a la Joven.

Paz Montessori is a Dual Language Immersion Montessori school in Oaxaca, Mexico dedicated to peace, equity, and sustainability. La Protección a la Joven is a house for indigenous women who are studying in Oaxaca City. Paz Oaxaca accepts donations for them taking no percentage of the donation.

In addition to fundraising for Paz Montessori, Paz Oaxaca also works with Paz Montessori on various programs including Dual Language Montessori (high-quality bilingual education from 2.5-12 to a diverse student population), Paz & Play (after-school program for public school students focusing on prosocial skills such as NonViolent Communication and English), community garden, multilingual community lending library, community free clothing exchange, community MakerSpace, and, in the future, a home visiting program for young families. Currently, Paz Oaxaca fundraises so that almost 50% of the students attending the Dual Language Montessori program can receive a full or partial scholarship and has sponsored two Montessori certifications for staff.