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About Us

Sherri Rosenberg Executive Search is a retained Executive Search Firm that assists nonprofits in recruting key talent for their management teams. I work in many sectors of the nonprofit world and across functions. 

Clients include: South Asian Americans Leading Together (SAALT), City Harvest, City Meals-on-Wheels, Blue Engine, Achievement Network, Associate Press, Drug Policy Alliance, Haddassah, to name a few.

What is executive search?

It's the art of wisdom. The gift of intuition. The practice of coaching. And the act of listening.

And that is exactly what I do in my work as an executive search professional, and career and life coach.

I bring the wisdom of over 25 years' search experience with organizations as diverse as the clients and candidates I've brought together.

I bring the gift of incredible intuition: knowing when the fit is right and, equally, knowing when it is not.

I bring to my work the practice of coaching: working with clients and candidates to gain real clarity about the underlying emotional issues that affect a search's outcome. Without judgment, I work to answer the questions that really matter:

And finally, I bring the act of listening, active listening, so that I can be attuned to your organization's culture and your way of doing things which assures that my placements sustain over time.

When you hire Sherri Rosenberg Executive Search, you are getting me, Sherri Rosenberg. You get me from the first meeting straight through to the post-hire review. I have the ability to call upon a network of colleagues with expertise in a broad range of industries or positions. But, what you are hiring is my wisdom, my intuition, my coaching expertise and my listening skills to deliver the right person in the shortest period of time. So you get me. Every time.

I take on a limited number of projects in order to do what I do to the very best of my abilities. I identify extraordinary candidates. Not just people who can do the job, but people who truly fit the organization's personality, and who are capable of doing great things in sensible ways for your company. People who will be strong enough and flexible enough to weather intense pressures an organization will feel as it moves toward its strategic goals.