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BALTIMORE DE GUADELOUPE's SE DEPASSER project mission is to provide high school students with development afterschool programs to facilitate them toward realizing their dreams. By utilizing high-quality training seminars we will uncover each student's individual niche and demonstrate a path they can take to surpass their future professional goals.

For more information, please contact BALTIMORE DE GUADELOUPE at

As a volunteer you will support the work of BALTIMORE DE GUADELOUPE and provide mission-based leadership and strategic governance. While the day-to-day operations are led by BALTIMORE DE GUADELOUPE's chief executive officer (CEO), the Volunteer-Board of Directors-CEO relationship is a partnership, and the appropriate involvement of everyone is both critical and expected. Specific volunteer responsibilities include:


v Use various media to convey a message from the organization to the target audience.

  • Analyze, plan and create visual solutions.
  • Apply specialized techniques within various forms of media, from website design to corporate branding.
  • Design and create graphics that meet the specific guidelines of commercial or marketing needs, such as displays, packaging and logo design.
  • Utilize a variety of media in order to achieve the desired artistic or decorative effects.
  • Involved in the layout and the production of print media and publications, web pages, and marketing design efforts of the organization.
  • Create designs for billboards, packaging, TV, websites, mail, posters and animation.


v Create advertisements, product packaging, corporate logos, print publications, posters, digital media and more.

  • Responsible for the layout, design and production of the publications.
  • Design marketing brochures, logos, signs and packaging for products and services.
  • Create web page designs, interactive displays and multimedia.
  • Produce sketches and layouts either by hand or on a computer; select colors, artwork and photography; use computer software to produce animated graphics.
  • Create artwork for the organization and marketing materials by hand or by using computer technologies.
  • Design everything from logos and letterheads for major the organization.

Job Requirements

Members must:

  • Be prepared to contribute their time and other resources. Volunteers should be prepared to contribute to the work of the organization. In addition, volunteers should willingly contribute their expertise (e.g. marketing, lobbying, accounting, legal, etc.) to further the aims of the organization.
  • Ensure compliance with regulations and accrediting bodies.
  • Report to the CEO of the organization.
  • Individual agendas must be subordinate to the aims of the organization. Acting out of self-interest is to be discouraged.
  • Keep discussions and reports confidential.
  • Provide input into the strategic plan and monitor the organization's progress towards achieving established goals.
  • Complete all duties with discretion and confidentiality, and treats each client with respect and professionalism.

An eye for design:

Must have the ability to originate quality artwork.

Any experience in the following fields is desired: graphic designer, creative manager, designer, desktop publisher, creative director, composing room supervisor, artist, and design director.

Must be very creative, motivated, highly organized and resilient in creating solutions for the organization. Need to know how to use computer software related to their field, such as PhotoShop, Illustrator or CorelDRAW. Proficiency in using industry standard applications such as digital imaging, illustration, layout, web design, programming, or multimedia.

Excellent communications skills are important to the job as well. You should analyze the needs of the organization and study the target audience before designing a piece.

Candidates should have a portfolio that showcases their best work. Candidates should be able to multitask, have strong communication skills and business knowledge. Marketing and sales awareness and experience will be helpful.

Fee Required


Send portfolio.

You can work online but if you're willing to come overseas and wanna joindre l'utile à l'agréable you are most welcome to join us. We're located in Guadeloupe (French West Indies). If you feel like volunteering in Guadeloupe, it's OK with us. Good understanding of French is a plus but is not compulsory.


Housing Available

Language/Cultural Support Available


International Volunteers


You can do this internship in Guadeloupe or remotely from your country.

How To Apply

send portfolio : we want to change the logo for our association, and have designed three clan's logos foto differentiate various communities among the baltimores of Guadeloupe.

Every symbol has an animal, a vegetal and a color associated. for example we have for one clan

the lion wearing a crown and with a rose in his mouth on a sky night background

the blue maltese tiger with the brid of paradise flower and the backgrounds color sky blue

the raccoon with five coffee beans and the background color orange

the phoenix with an hibiscus flower and a black background

the butterfly with a velvet background and an olive tree branch

the BALTIMORE OF GUADELOUPE LOGO should be a mixture of those ideally