Women in water volunteer

Hours per week

1 to 2 months



Application Deadline


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The volunteer will assist our project director with the research and preparation of databases on women in the water sector, including drinking water, governance and green infrastructure worldwide. The aim is to compile key facts for different products being prepared, such as website, slide deck, mailing lists, blogs and proposals. The volunteer will help write these pieces, as well as suggest additional dissemination material that to be drafted. 


This position offers the chance to work with and learn from a team of collaborators at Canopy Bridge doing wide-ranging work in sustainable markets and food, while being able to contribute in tangible ways to building these initiatives. Volunteers may have the opportunity to participate in field visits to communities and farmers that we work with. In Quito, Ecuador, the volunteer will have full access to our office space, and advice and guidance on getting settled here for a short-term stay. We are a small social enterprise and so unable to offer a paid position at the moment. 


Volunteers will work closely with Canopy Bridge’s founders, Jacob Olander and Marta Echavarría. Both have a long trajectory in market-based conservation, with their company EcoDecisión and in partnership with organizations such as Forest Trends, Conservation International, Ashoka and others. For more background information please go to http://www.ecodecision.com.ec


How To Apply


In order to apply, please send an e-mail to gaby.albuja@canopybridge.com with your CV and a cover letter explaining why you consider yourself a good candidate for the position.