Pledge to Plant Digital Event Campaign Manager






2613 Mentor Road
United States


You will actively encourage people to plant their own trees around the world by managing our Pledge to Plant online event and campaign.

This is a great opportunity to apply what you have learned as an online marketing student. You will help us with our online marketing strategy and content, media presence, partnerships, direct communications, etc.

If you are passionate about the environment and you have great communication skills you will find this role to be a lot of fun and very rewarding.

Trainee responsibilities:

  • Promote the Pledge to Plant event for online in social networks. (Including smaller niche social networks.)
  • Organise local community events to collect pledges.
  • Create content for blog posts and social media specific to the event.
  • Review and feature pledges, and connect with the pledgers to get their story.


The internship will be performed working remotely from your home country.


We believe we can create a peaceful world rich in resources and beauty for everyone, where we care for each other and our planet. We do this by creating products and services that have a positive impact on society and the environment.

ForestNation is a "Social Business"; we combine commercial, social and environmental goals equally. We believe that if we can all make successful business out of doing good then lots more good things will come about.


You will be responsible for helping to plant many millions of trees as a result of this campaign and helping to empower people world wide to make a greener future for us all.

How To Apply

If you feel like you're the perfect person for the internship, please send an e-mail with your motivation to our CEO, Andrew Pothecary.

E-mail address: