Fundraising Internship with Grassroots Projects in Cartagena, Colombia

Academic Credits







Ed. Banco Popular, Cl. 32 #8-21, Oficina 13-08, La Matuna



Intern with grassroots projects and support sustainable community development in Cartagena, Colombia.

About us:

Domino Volunteers is a Cartagena-local social enterprise that believes positive change comes from people putting their skills, time and resources to use for impact. Our team is 100% based in Cartagena, Colombia and dedicated to ensuring safe, organized and mutually meaningful volunteer connections to local grassroots projects.

The position:

As a fundraising intern with Domino Volunteers, we will connect you to one or several local grassroots organizations leading the way for positive change in Cartagena. Our local partners tend to be small and run their programs on limited resources—which makes their work all the more impressive. These projects often lack personnel to find and apply to funding sources, set up ways for individuals to donate, or demonstrate the impact of their projects.

Fundraising interns help local foundations showcase their impressive work and find support to continue their mission. Responsibilities may include:

  • Manage websites, digital marketing and social media channels
  • Oversee promotional photography and videography
  • Help with the foundation's or individual project's finances
  • Project evaluation and reporting 
  • Grant writting
  • Event planning
  • Finding and managing national and international support and alliances

Our fees & services:

In order for us to continue our services of personally evaluating volunteer profiles and matching you to a local foundation with a proven record of impact, we ask for a contribution of 75 USD. With this fee, the Domino Volunteers team will evaluate your profile, contact local foundations on your behalf, provide an orientation on safety, culture, and living in Cartagena, bring you to your project(s), and provide 24/7 local support.

How To Apply

Interested in joining the Domino Volunteers team to support local grassroots organizations making a real impact in their communities?

Please contact us at or via our website's contact page:

Shortly upon receiving your email, we will be in contact with you to begin discussing your volunteer placement and how to prepare for your visit to Cartagena, Colombia.