Creative/Written Content Contributor Internship Program

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4-15 hrs. per week (flexible depending on your availability)



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United States


A bit about Faire:

Faire is an Austin-based start-up on a mission to build a real alternative to the status quo in Big E-commerce and Fast Fashion by making Fair Trade and other ethically sourced products the new go-to standard online. At the heart of all Fair and Ethical Trade brands are people who care deeply about the communities they are trying to help escape poverty. We believe that Fair Trade and other ethically sourced products are not about charity, but about storytelling, empowerment, sustainability, shared prosperity, and community––that they are about humanity and origins, a global exchange of ideas, and the currency of culture. That’s why we’re building a new kind of e-commerce marketplace, one composed exclusively of ethical brands: it’s called Faire.Shop. As a mission-driven start-up, we're also a Pending Certified B Corporation––which means that we believe in using private enterprise as a method for creating public benefit––and, that we're on our way to full certification in a year.

A bit about this position:

We are currently building a Content Contributor team to launch one of our upcoming initiatives, Faire.World (“fair-dot-world”). Faire.World will be Faire’s digital community space for the celebration of the role creativity plays in making the world a better place––it will act as a resource for creative work, education and community interaction. The power of creativity to help reshape our world for the better––to actively create the world we want to live in––is this project’s thematic core, and we are building a team of talented interns from diverse backgrounds to contribute quality content that interprets and develops that theme into another dimension of our brand. As part of the team you won’t be getting anyone coffee or doing data-entry; you will be actively engaged weekly in an editorial process designed to develop an audience around Faire’s Mission, and to help grow the brand’s reach and experience using the many topics related to Faire.World’s theme. This means that the work of our Content Contributors will be wide-ranging and transdisciplinary: we are looking for students of the politics and economics of international trade or development as much as we are looking for artists, designers, videographers, marketers, bloggers, business analysts and journalists. More information on the types of content that we need––written or otherwise––can be found in our application form (linked to below).

What to expect as a Content Contributor:

Ideally, you can work with us on a weekly basis throughout the summer, beginning in June, but we hope to keep the project running into the fall depending on what’s feasible for our team. We are asking for a commitment from contributors into September at minimum. As a part of Faire’s Content Team, you’ll be working (remotely) alongside other members of our small but creative staff, pitching pieces (especially if you’re producing written work), staying in contact daily during the work-week, and collaborating on the production of quality, publishable content. Your contributions, whether written or visual, artistic or academic, will help Faire.World to educate and inspire a growing global audience. Our ideal candidates enjoy both high level strategy and hands-on writing, editing, creating and learning. Because this internship is unpaid, we are planning for a minimal amount of required weekly hours from each Content Team member, with flexible scheduling depending on your availability. All work-related meetings and communication will be remote, unless you’re in the Austin, Texas area. Each contributor will need to produce at least one piece in their chosen topical area, regardless of the medium, every single week. We imagine hours of work will range from 4-12 per week, depending on your capacity and what you and our editorial team agree upon––it could be more!

If you’re passionate about contributing to a mission-driven business by using your talents and working hard, we strongly encourage you to apply here.


Our team will be working with you to grow as a writer, artist, researcher, etc. We are also open to working with you to secure academic credit for your time, assuming that your school’s process is not difficult. Your work will be published and promoted online, in a highly curated digital space meant to foster collaboration, discussion and community building.

How To Apply

Please apply using the Google form linked to above, and let us know via email if you have any application-related questions or issues. Thank you for you time, and good luck!